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Intro To Scuba:

Join us in a one night experience and get a taste of what scuba is really like. You will be set up in full gear and splashing into the shallow end of the pool. We will take a step by step approach to becoming comfortable in the water. Comfort builds confidence in diving and that confidence makes you a safe diver.

We will show you some of the skills we commonly do during the scuba course, which will also come into play while diving as well. You are not required to try any skill that you do not feel comfortable with, but are encouraged to see how easy it really is. If you love it then ask your instructor how to get signed up into the Open Water Class.

Fee: $75 per person
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Everyone is fascinated with the underwater world. Snorkeling is usually someone's first step towards getting a closer look. There are many skills which can make snorkeling easier and more enjoyable. Let New England Dive Center teach and help you perfect those skills. We'll also teach you what gear is available to assist you in the water.

This is a one night course which should make you feel more comfortable when going on your vacation. The night will start at the store with gear fitting and a short video. Then we'll head to the pool and get to work practicing mask and snorkel clearing. We'll also cover different fin kicks as well as surface dives. This course is great for all ages and can make a good snorkeler even better.

Fee: $75 per person
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Advanced Diver:

Advanced Open Water Diver is the next level of certification and introduces the diver to more complex diving situations. It lets you specialize in specific areas of diving and perfect those skills and broadening your diving capabilities.

Advanced Certifications also sometimes referred to as Specialties are essential to making a better diver in the water. You have to complete 4 specialties to ultimately become advanced certified. These specialty selections enable you to advance your knowledge in specific areas of diving that you'd find most beneficial. The requirements for advanced is 4 specialties and 25 logged dives. Majority of people start their advanced courses before they hit 25.A few of the most popular specialties are Boat, Deep, Wreck, Night and Navigation.

Course fee $300 + books if you buy all 4 specialties at once or $100 each specialty split up over time.

Drysuit and Nitrox can also be a specialty, but are $150 each


Nitrox Course:

This is an entry-level TDI certification for recreational divers wishing to utilize enriched air nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas. It is the same diving you're used to just with a different mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in your tank. The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes from 22% to 40% content. You will also learn how to choose the proper mix for your dives and learn how to use the oxygen analyzer to verify your tank mixes.

Course Fee $150 (plus book)


Technical TDI Courses:

This is the type of diving that prepares you for the rigorous diving that is out there. It teaches you drills and gives you experience to conquer the most technical dives. Some of these classes include Advanced Nitrox, Decompression procedures, Trimix, and Rebreather and Gas Blender.


Instructor & Dive Master:

If you have a love for diving and care to spread the joy of the sport... then we want you. We are always looking for active dive enthusiasts to join our dive master and instructor programs. Continuous education never ends when you make yourself a direct part of the learning process.